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Research techniques are more effective than ever before and can solve a wider range of recruitment needs.

The key to successful searches relies upon the quality of the original research that was undertaken.

This quality is a major attribute at Capita and we can guarantee our clients that this quality is never compromised.

Recruitment Audits are particularly useful to identify existing skills within an organisation.

Executive Search

The technique for Executive Search is now being applied to solve a wider range of recruitment needs than the traditional market of senior executive managers.

The key to successfully completing all Executive Search assignments relies heavily upon the quality of original research undertaken - this requires experience, tenacity and imagination to locate appropriate candidates. These are the attributes Capita's researchers bring to our clients.

The research requirement can vary from approaching one individual who may even be known to the client to discussions with individuals from every company within a given market sector.

Talent Mapping & Pipeline

Talent mapping is a cost effective way of obtaining market intelligent to ensure you are ahead of your competitors. Looking a at how companies are structured, salary surveys, perceptions of employers in the market place

Talent pipeline is now used widely to build relationships with potential candidates for the future. Getting to know candidates who are potentially interested in your company for future opportunities helps succession planning and gives you the opportunity to act quickly when a need arises to fill a vacancy. We help companies, working with you to determine skills and experience which will be needed and then identify relevant individuals and discuss the possibility of future opportunities


Given the significant number of contacts we have, it's worth a discussion to advise us of your requirement in case we have individuals in our network whom we know and could be relevant.

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